Robot Painter

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When the Lalaboro draws lines across surfaces with a felt-tip marker, this flickering is even more pronounced. Intentionally uneven, the impressions are organic and resemble bar codes; only by zooming out can we recognise the images.


President Obama Following the Execution of Osama Bin Laden

The installation President Obama Watches the Execution of Osama bin Laden is composed of fragments of the famous media image hanging as separate, loosely connected symbols. These reveal the principles of new media (copy/ paste, icons and drop-down menus, windows, montage and post-production, web page composition , tweeting, texting, clicking between TV channels with a remote). where wholes are composed of fragments. Users choose among prepared pieces of information , creating their own image of reality. Because we use the same technologies and interfaces to communicate, our interactions also become increasingly less linear, with images occupying a central place.


15 Faces of Lance Armstrong

This composition was created during the Lance Armstrong’s doping case. Doping is, like a genetic engineering, similar to technological prosthesis – the way to get from a human body more than the evolution offers. Images are made by an artistic prosthesis – Spiller’s robot – that extends the possibilities of artists’s body, presenting a man, apparently using chemicals to extend the possibilities of sportsman’s body.

Cycling, as rhythmic pushing of pedals, gets its rhythmic equivalent in the rhythm of 15 images similar to Armstrong’s face. Because of his incredible abilities, some called Armstrong “the machine”, which fits an artwork, made by machine. Though the doping affair, author deeply respects Armstrong’s incredible devotion, persistence and systematic approach to cycling.

15 different “icons”, Armstrong’s faces on wooden boards, are all rooted in one image, but produced by 15 different computer codes, controlling the robot.



It is symptomatic for a society, if people, who want to make world more fair, get killed in moody circumstances. There are portraits of John Lennon and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and there are more to come. Both are flipped from left to right, representing the image each of them saw in the mirror. This puts the viewer into their role, in front of his own mirror, which tells him “it’s your responsibility to help making the world a better place”.


What do you (want to) know about celebrities?

Andy Warhol predicted that everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. Joseph Beuys at the same time argued, that “every few years a new fashion ascends the throne, and than it’s replaced by a new one”. This media obsessed culture creates celebrities from anyone, involved in something significant different. It can be a scandal, a touching story or anything else that attracts simple minds. Susan Boyle’s “angel’s voice” would never be praised without her appearance as an unattractive housewife. The innocent erotic affair of Monica Lewinsky with her boss on the other hand for months paralyzed the political life of the worlds most influential country. By some opinions, without making so much noise about intimacy between two people, some programs would be accepted, which would radical change later flow of history.