Megatronix is an open online project, an interactive, social critical theater concept. It is an arcade game, where the player becomes the actor. The “free choice” is just a fictive solution, because the game is lead by a random generator. It is the continuation of the idea of a random led game, first used in author’s first project Esmeralda. The open structure of the game lets every user of the web to add his own action scene into the Megatronix game.

The main concepts of this project are: the critical relalion to violence; the different concepts of web artists; confusion because of the intensive attack on too many TV channels, newspapers and other commercial institutions; concept of an anarchic piece without any direction.

The second phase of Megatronix is to fully automatize the submitting of the scenes, so it will become an independent, self developing organism, an artificial life form on the web.

Net art Guide, Fraunhofer Electronic Business Innovationszentrum