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In/Form/ation orchestrates a mesmerizing transformation, turning familiar web pages into three-dimensional reliefs. Spiller’s exploration delves into the intricate intricacies birthed by digitization, employing a matrix methodology to illuminate these understated yet intricate imperfections. Through a truly innovative matrix approach, each aperture corresponds to a specific letter on the webpage, dictated by its depth. Thus, a tangible manifestation emerges from the ethereal stream of digital information.

The varying shadows cast by these diverse depths conjure a dynamic, almost flickering visual rhythm reminiscent of the shifting dance of screens. Semantically, the term “information” offers a profound suggestion—a connotation that data is discreetly concealed within form. An analogy is found in the structural composition of wood, a living testament to the climatic and biological conditions shaping its growth. Here, plywood emerges as an industrial composite, a rhythmic collage woven through adhesive bonds.

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