Gallery minus art = art

Musee Picasso in Paris

I followed exact rules: take pictures in the museums and galleries, carefully preventing  to get any people or artworks in my lens. I called it the “Artistic void Safari”, because I often had to “hunt” emptiness – being because of the crowd or of the restrictions to take pictures. Since I was photographing the infrastructure rather than artworks, museum security even thought that I am preparing a robbery and treated me as a potential burglar.

Our attention is caught by inflation of big, shiny, alarming and loud things, which make us to overlook small and marginalized reality. By searching those details in a gallery space, intentionally break the unwritten rule of paying attention only to what is meant to be seen. To paraphrase Hegel, an impossible quest for the “real” inside the “reality” (of the art world).

Now I am looking for a gallery, where I would create and exhibit artistic void. By exhibiting details of the gallery in the same gallery, It would turn the gallery space into an art object.