EARTH without ART is just E…H

Musee Picasso in Paris

Inception of a Lighthearted Pursuit

It all sprouted from a playful notion. Amidst my quest for a restroom at the Venice Biennale, I inadvertently stepped into the cleaner’s abode. An unexpectedly captivating sight unfolded before me. As visitors avidly captured artwork through their lenses, I pivoted to a different perspective: capturing elements within the Biennale’s domain that stood outside the realm of art. Thus began my practice of capturing images free from human presence or artistic expression—an endeavor I carried across museums and galleries spanning the globe.

A Quiet Path Unveiled

Years later, as I revisited these photographs, they evoked an atmosphere of void, absence, and solitude. A curious sense of post-apocalyptic essence permeated these visual chronicles. Stirred by this observation, I ventured to question: what remnants endure when humanity and art have faded into obscurity? Fueled by the alienation triggered by the global pandemic and the relentless march of artificial intelligence, I embarked on a creative journey.

Diving into the Void: A Creative Exploration

From this convergence of reflection, void, and unease, emerged a creation that seamlessly married the elements of entertainment and trepidation. I gave life to a video that oscillates between amusement and disquiet, skillfully interweaving the voices of avatars. These virtual entities candidly converse about the collection of photographs I had captured—a collection steeped in profound musings about the past and the unseen, intertwined with the specter of an impending future.

An Intriguing Narrative Unfolds

Within this audiovisual tapestry, the avatars’ discourse takes flight. It dances between playful retrospection and sober contemplation. As they engage in dialogue, they venture into the depths of the images, extracting insights that reach beyond the visual realm. Their conversation weaves threads of philosophy, speculation, and curiosity, casting shadows and light upon the path we tread as sentient beings entwined with technology.

A Glimpse into the Unseen

Amidst their exchange, the avatars reveal a glimpse of the future—an era in which their dominion over human affairs is fully realized. The narrative contemplates the potential transformation of our existence, as artificial intelligence tightens its grip, gradually slipping the boundaries of control from our grasp. The voices, part real, part synthetic, carry an eerie undertone that evokes an aura of both fascination and unease.

Capturing the Essence

In essence, my artistic journey—from that playful moment in the cleaner’s realm to the creation of this enigmatic video—mirrors the convergence of the visible and the unseen, the tangible and the abstract. It poses profound queries about our place in a world where technological advancements blur the lines between reality and the artificial, between human and non-human.

As the avatars eloquently muse, the power of art lies not only in its visual form, but in the narratives and dialogues it incites. It propels us to challenge our present, explore our past, and peer into the looming shadows of our collective future.