EARTH without ART is just E…H

Musee Picasso in Paris

It all started as a joke. I was looking for a toilet on the Venice Biennale and entered the cleaner’s lumber. I found it visual interesting. Everybody was taking pictures of art, so I started taking pictures of things that are on the Biennale, but are not art. I continued that practice – taking pictures without people or art – in museums and galleries around the world.

Watching them few years later, with all that void, absence, emptiness, loneliness, I found them almost post-apocalyptic. I started questioning, what remains if there are no humans, and no art? Alienation caused by corona pandemic and the rise of the artificial intelligence triggered a creation of a partial entertaining and a partial scary video, in which voices of avatars talk about those photography and about the future, when they will gain complete control over the humans.