Don’t Measure My Time!

I hate machines that dictate my rhythm. They make me lose my inner rhythm, divide my mind from my body and kill my intuition. This is my revenge.

This is Time

Every Second Matters

Praise of effectiveness is an absurd paradigm in the service of employers to turn hours in seconds.

Twin Paradox

One twin lives on the Earth, while the other travels with the speed of light. For him time runs much slower than for his brother on the Earth. This clock shows astronaut how fast runs the time for his twin brother on the Earth.


Special Relativity

Twin paradox results in Einstein’s special relativity, where the time for a passenger traveling with the speed of light runs much slower than on the Earth. This clock shows the passenger how fast are running the days on the Earth.

Time is not Linear

Our perception of linear time is as absurd as this linear dial on a wall clock.

Sun Clock

You can use this clock also after the end of our civilization. Well, almost…

Don’t Have Time

Do you know anybody who has time this days? This clock solves that absurd with another absurd.

Useless Clock

Even more Useless Clock

Completely Useless Clock

Eurocentric Clock

A 24 hours dial instead of the 12 hours AM and PM stuff.

Never Again

Sitting by the river we realize how the time passes and that there will never run the same river again. But that doesn’t mean, that we must constantly fear to miss something.

Unheimlich Clock

Unheimlich is a German word for Creepy, which Sigmund Freud often used in his work.