The worlds most famous selling of a project. After few months of international, open, public, online negotiations, Ljubljana Municipal Museum bought Spiller’s project Megatronix.


Article in the book Net art Guide by Fraunhofer Electronic Business Innovationszentrum about my project Megatronix.


A project about the aestetisation of the military actions.


Contemplative, meditative, Zen Buddhist project, which was also exhibited in Machida Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo.


A very personal project about human and digital memories. It was in 1999 presented on Medi@terra festival in Athens, Greece.

Book of the Dead

An interactive, online version of the first part of the Tibetan book of the dead. It was in 1997 presented at Casa das rosas contest in Rio de janeiro, Brasil.

Capriccess for Netscape

A series of short, chaotic expressions. It was in 1996 presented at film+arc in Graz, Austria.


Article in The book Writing With Images (University of Washington) about my project Cyberbride. Written by George L. Dillon.