50 Shades of White Cubes

Musee Picasso in Paris

In this permanent project I follow exact rules: make pictures in the museums and galleries, carefully preventing  to take any people or artworks in my lens. I called it Artistic void Safari, because I often had to “hunt” emptiness, being because of the crowd or of the restrictions to take pictures. Museum security even thought that I am preparing a robbery, since I was photographing the infrastructure rather than artworks, and they treated me as a potential burgler.

The idea to search for the gaps between the artworks looked spontaneus, but was deeply rooted in my former concepts and experiences. That emptiness on one side brings a relief, like a break from the pressuress of the art system. But on the other hand, those places represent the art system and artists effords to be in the top of it. They represent all hidden negotiations, lobbying and intrigues which lead to the exposure of artists objects in the sacredness of the white cube. Millions of artists are dreaming about it.

I keep only 50 images in this collection, constantly adding new and deleting old ones.

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