What is my Gift to a Curator?

Screens are watching us

In his book A very short introduction to contemporary art, Julian Stallabrass states: “What is the market to make of a work that is reproducible with perfect accuracy, that can simultaneously exist on thousands of servers and millions of computers, and that can be cannibalized or modified by users? How can one buy, sell, or own such a portion of data?” [129].

I was a part of net.art movement and I initiated an often-quoted event of selling an internet art to a gallery. Understanding art mostly as an asset, still intrigues me these days, and painting is the most traditional asset in the western art system. How to do a painting than, which is not meant to be sold and hang on the wall?

Art is about experience. I wonder, how will an art professional feel, how will she experience a both-side painted paper, where images on both sides are obviously in some relation. She daily receives offers from artists, who struggle for her attention. But this thing is anonymous, is not an offer or a promotion or a request. How will she feel, while asking herself, who is sending this and why?

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